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Spyder Women Ski Jackets 001
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Spyder Women Ski Jackets : Beautiful Spyder Women Diamond Real Fur Ski Snow Wear White!

The Spyder women diamond real fur ski snow wear white jacket is a gift like diamond presented for you, precious and elegant. It's made by the real fur picked from the wild with cold resistance. The white color for women combines with the snow in the winter .Women wearing the Spyder ski jackets will enjoy the fashion and warm at the same time.


Spyder is a professional brand which have focused on ski wear for about 30 years. It is famous for its integrating high-tech fabrics, fashion and functionality all over the world, and it aimed at bringing comfortable, fashion and performance for every athletes.

David Jacobs, the founder of Spyder, has been the brand driver, product visionary and cultural leader throughout history. He was born in Montreal, Canada and he start skiing at 13. At the age of 21 did he win prestigious Quebec Kandahar, and then he acted as a member in the Canadian National Ski Team from 1957 to 1961. In 1957 he captured the title of Canadian Downhill Ski Champion, and was the top-ranked member of the Canadian FIS Team in the following season. From 1964-1966, he worked as the head coach and program administrator for the Canadian National Ski Team. Having this rare human experience, David realizes that quality equipment is the decisive factor for athletes's competition.

So, a wide variety of Spyder featured and functional products appeared. In the year 1989, Spyder became the official supplier of US Ski Team, which motivated Spyder to keep going forward. In 2002, Spyder became a sponsor of the Canadian Alpine Ski Team, bringing a full circle for David's involvement with the first Canadian National Team.

The year 1994 was a historical year of Spyder, when Spyder founder David Jacobs was honored with a patent on SpeedWyre. A "trip wire" formed by a narrow seam on the surface of the legs and arms of the suit streamlined the surrounding air flow, significantly reducing wind drag by up to 40%, it is proved to be a revolutionary technology suit that could enhance performance to a great extent, as US Ski Team members wearing Spyder suits captured gold over the next two years.

With an expanded product offering and loyal consumer, the Spyder Company is now the largest ski-specialty brand in the world. Recently, Spyder is sold 550 high-quality specialty retailers in the United States and Canada, and also 50 North America countries through its Spyder-Europe office and independent distributors. Spyder's idea still focused on athletes' needs, performance and fashion. Our passion for our product is matched by our love for sport. We devote our past and future to creating the ultimate performance experience for the athletes.

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